Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Could it be? Summer is finally here?

I am oh-so-close to officially being on summer vacation and I can't help but get giddy about it.  My graduation portfolio is now in the hands of a second professor to score.  My advisor scored it first and I received high marks, so I'm hoping I have this one in the bag! :)  I should know by next week if I can be officially finished with grad school.  It was a wonderful program, but oh gosh, I'm ready to have my life back!  I need to enjoy the next 9-ish weeks before baby jelly bean comes.  

Last night my brother and I took my niece Ava to the Katy Perry concert.  It was fantastic!  A long wait for her to finally come on stage, but it was great!  Shaun and I went a few years ago to her California Dream tour, so we know we were in for a good one!  I actually think the concert a few years ago was better, but she is really creative and puts on an awesome show!

Here's a few pictures from the evening.  Should have brought my regular camera - pics of the performance aren't all that stellar!

Not sure what adventures Ava and I are up to today. It's so hot outside, so I'm going to try to avoid any outdoor activities, but that's hard with a 7-year old who wants to go swimming and go to the park every day! :)  I already have a movie night planned tonight - popcorn, Netflix, and girls' night in! Oh yes, and some manicures as well!

I had an appointment last Friday with my OB office and they again gave me the "A-Okay" to proceed with regular eating and confirmed that I don't have GD. But now that I know the amount of carbs and sugar in food, I'm forever ruined.  This reminds me of a few years ago when I learned too much information about calories and fat in food when I was losing all that weight.  Sigh, such a struggle.  

I actually ended up switching providers and have an appointment next Thursday.  I plan on bringing my results and asking their opinion.  I have a feeling they are going to know what I should be doing.  Either way, I learned that I probably shouldn't be eating ice cream even if I truly don't have GD - baby doesn't need that crap, nor do I.  Not that I was excessively eating unhealthy food, I was just so misinformed about carbs and sugar.  I'm still watching what I'm eating, because I've learned the importance of a good carb-protein ratio that I should be sticking with.  I don't think I have pancakes and syrup in my future for a while, and I'm okay with that.  

This whole ordeal actually got me thinking about those women who pass the glucose test and don't monitor their eating.  Realistically, their bodies could have been having a "good" day during the test and that actually scares me, or they just lucked out.  What's to say that their bodies don't do a good job in breaking down the carbs and sugar they intake on any given day? Scary, isn't it? I agree with checking for GD - but I think it needs to be done in a realistic manner, like having us track our blood sugar for 3-4 days rather than forcing 50mg or 100mg of glucose down our throats.  For all I know, I could have failed because my body isn't used to REAL glucose/sugar and in that disgustingly large amount all at once.  Most of the time, I use splenda (BAD I KNOW but I don't have it THAT often).  It's all so interesting, and totally eye-opening.  I still say that if they had permitted me to go do a workout, I would have passed both tests.  I never just eat and then sit around.  Sigh.  

Regardless, I've learned a lot through this process and I just look at it as a way to make sure baby is getting HEALTHY food for the remainder of my pregnancy (but you can bet I will be making some exceptions the day of my baby shower!!!).  Even my husband is starting to notice the carbs in food.  Funny how I was given the green light to proceed with a normal eating routine, but I'm LESS than interested in doing that now.  Blessing in disguise? God watching out for baby and I? All I know is everything happens for a reason! :) I may not have to prick my fingers, but I think being cautious will be a good thing for baby jelly bean and I! 

Now it's time to figure out what we're going to do today!

Simply Blessed,


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