Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!!!

I'm so excited summer is officially here! Summertime for me always means one thing and it involves this little princess...

Yep, that's right - my darling niece Ava is back in town for the summer!  We had a blast last year so I'm so pumped to have another adventure-filled summer planned!  Somehow I'm determined to spend time outside with her - starting with the Lowry Park Zoo sometime next week! (Teachers get in for free, woot woot!!!)

We kicked off summer today by having a little birthday party for Ava, poolside! :) This seems to be a early tradition because it's always so much fun!  I was a tad late to the party because I had grad class, but it was officially my last class and I'm almost done! Just a few more papers to write for my portfolio, but I will be done in a week! Woot woot! 

Okay - back to the party! It was a blast! Here's some pics to show the fun times we had! 

 Auntie Lauren made the cake 
and although I need to watch my sugar intake,
I totally had a small piece. (Scraped off the frosting).
So. freaking. good.

Love this picture! 

 Reading her birthday card from us!

 Sunbathing beauty!

She sure is getting tall!  I'm guessing in a few years, she'll be taller than me! Zoikes! 

I'd say the party was a success because she spent the entire time the water.  She cared less about the presents - she opened them and then jumped right back into the water! :) Just keep swimmin'! 

So, today was a great day! Well, for the most part. Still having a few moments where all I can think about is waiting to hear the test results (fingers crossed I can bug the doctor's office Monday morning about my test), but I guess I'm going to have those moments now and again.  Last night we went out to dinner with friends and I had a complete meltdown when we got home.  Thank God I have such a wonderful husband who assures me that none of this is my fault and that we'll just keep on praying about it. God must be getting sick of hearing me because trust me, it's all I've been doing the past 5 days.  He'll get a few more prayers tomorrow morning in church! :)

Well, I'm off to make myself presentable so Shaun can take my 30 week picture! Gosh, how in the world are we only 10 weeks away from the arrival of our little jelly bean?!?! Can't wait to meet her! 

Talk to you sometime during the week!

Simply Blessed, 

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