Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Well, I was going to do a Christmas recap, but I'm going to hold off on that until tomorrow because I want to talk about 2013!

 2013 was an exciting year, one I won't ever forget.  Here's a recap!

January - We moved out of the apartment we were renting with my brother and into our very own place in Brandon.  During the move, we found out my husband got the job we both had been praying for! 

February - The Husband made his first business trip (to Chicago) and I survived - barely.  He was gone almost a week and it was quite the challenge.  But, thanks to modern technology - the cell phone and social media, we made it through it!  Little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg of him traveling.

March - We celebrated our 5 year anniversary (of dating).  Yep, we're married, but we still recognized March 1st as our first date, way back in 2008! We also adopted our pretty little kitty, Mia.

April - I was asked if I wanted to change positions at my school.  I accepted, not realizing the challenges that would face me with the demands of  the job.  Luckily God was watching out for me and another door opened in September!

May - I celebrated my 29th birthday.  I declared that I will be 29 forever. We celebrated my birthday at the Rays game with my brother and a few friends!

June - June was traumatizing.  We discovered fleas on our pretty little kitty and all over our apartment.  It was emotionally draining.  It was physically exhausting.  It was hard on our ATM card. 

July - We celebrated our first anniversary of being married!  We went to Buffalo and had a mini photo shoot at the place where we did our pictures after the reception.  We stayed a fancy schmancy hotel and ate a tasty dinner. It was amazing!

August - I started my 7th year of teaching and began my educational administration practicum.

September  - I was offered my dream job as reading resource teacher.  The opportunity was one that I jumped at and there's not a day that goes by that I'm not excited about going to work! :) I also found out my best friend was pregnant with baby Kestel #2!!!

October - We decided it was time to start looking for a house.  We fell in love with the first house that we looked at! Who knew we'd end up owning it a month later!

November - We closed on our perfect home on the Friday before Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving in Buffalo with my family. 

December - We moved into our new house.  We went to our first Bills game (too bad they lost miserably).  We celebrated my husband's 30th birthday.  We hosted our first Christmas Cheer cocktail party in the new house! We celebrated our first Christmas at the new house! I also redid my blog and decided to change up my topics for posting.

As with anything good, there were also some rough moments.  I had a falling out with some people, my mom experienced some health issues with her back and underwent a surgery (which we aren't sure was all that successful), and my parents house was broken into while she was in the hospital.  There were also a few other "personal" issues that someday, I will write a blog post about! 

With all of that said, 2014 is being welcomed with open arms.  My husband and I are eager to start off the new year in our house, with our pretty little kitty.  We moved in almost a month ago, but there are still so many boxes.  We pretty much stopped unpacking around the holidays because we wanted to spend time with our family and friends.  So January will consist of unpacking, hanging pictures, and making our house a home!

Every night, I say prayers for 2014 to be a blessed year, with lots of love and joy.  With happy times.  Making memories with family and friends.   Remembering the important things in life - the people who surround you with love and support.  I never make a New Year's resolution because I feel like just by stating one, you're setting yourself up for failure.  Last year, I think I wanted to blog more and well, clearly that didn't happen.  I can't pinpoint an exact reason - could be lack of time, uncertainty on what to write about, or insecurities about blogging about healthy living and eating when I had to face the fact that I needed to gain weight because I was way too skinny.  

At any rate, rather than set a resolution, I have some goals for 2014.  Here's some of them!
* Blog at least twice a week
* Cook dinner 6 nights a week - ordering pizza does not count!
* Make one new recipe a week (either from Pinterest or from the cookbooks that I own)
* No screen time after 9pm on work nights - this includes my laptop and my cellphone (unless the phone rings from a call)
* Go to the gym as much as possible, even if it's just a quick cardio workout
* Limit my soda intake drastically
* Maintain a daily/weekly planner to get things done
* Order canvas prints of some of our wedding photos and make a collage on our living room wall
* Do more housework during the week so we aren't spending all weekend cleaning and doing laundry
* Limit my shopping trips to Target

Whew, that's a lot!  But I'm confident that I can do it!  I know 2014 is going to be an amazing year and I'm just hoping God continues to bless us with endless amounts of love and joy!

Happy 2014!

Simply Blessed,

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