Friday, December 27, 2013

Good Morning from Buffalo!

Hello from cold and snowy Buffalo!  I arrived in Buffalo yesterday afternoon and I am loving every second of it! I just wish The Husband could be here too! 

When I arrived yesterday, I pulled in the driveway to my adorable niece Ava standing in front of the snowman she built!  So cute!  She just loves the snow! I wish I had a snowsuit to play with her!

I spent all afternoon and evening with my family and it was perfect.  We opened presents, had a tasty dinner, ate "Christmas deliciousness", and watched a movie!  I was in bed by 11:30 and I slept solid until 8am! It was amazing.  Why can't I sleep this well while in Tampa? Oh wait, yes I know why... My pretty little kitty insists on waking us up as early as possible every morning! 

Here's a recap of yesterday's gift opening!!!

 I love that Santa dropped off some

presents for me! 

Here's some of the things I got! I totally forgot that I had mentioned to my mom the Pandora ring and matching charm! So glad she remembered! 


 Lovely!!! This is my Christmas bracelet
because my other Pandora bracelet is at home.  
I'll switch it out next week!

I also got this ornament from my mom!
I absolutely adore it!!!

I also brought Ava some presents that The Husband and I bought for her... she loved them!

Today is going to be a fun day too!  We just finished eating pancakes for breakfast (my dad makes THE BEST pancakes!!!) and now we're all just lounging around.  Around noon, the kids are going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant - Giancarlos!  I love it there and they have the most amazing caprese paninis.  Get. in. my. belly.  After lunch, I'm going to swing by and pick my mom up and we're going to go shopping!  I have a few darling little ones to buy some presents for!

One more thing... I totally forgot how amazeballs hot chocolate is!!! My mom had an extra packet of french vanilla hot chocolate and I gracefully accepted her offer to give it to me! Oh. my. goodness.  Sooooo creamy and soooo tasty!!!

I'll see you guys later!

Simply Blessed,

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