Thursday, December 26, 2013

7 Days of Christmas Things!

Yikes!  The Christmas-ness in the air got the best of me and I never finished my Christmas countdown! So sorry about that!  I'm at the airport right now and the plane is delayed (thanks to the incoming aircraft needing to be de-iced as it sits in Buffalo.... well played Buffalo, well played).  But I guess good things come to those who wait! :) Delayed plane means a venti cafe misto, a croissant, and a blog update! 

Yummy. This is a good way to cope 
with a delayed airplane!
Anyways, this Christmas was so wonderful.  I'm not going to lie - it's still tough adjusting to spending Christmas in Florida.  I miss my family in Buffalo so much, but we flew home at Thanksgiving instead and therefore I had to compromise and say that Christmas could be in Florida.  However, this is the last year for that.  I'd rather spend Thanksgiving in Florida as long as The Husband and I can go home for the Christmas holiday!  

But I'll post more about my Christmas later.  I wanted to catch you guys up on the rest of my Christmas countdown, if I can remember!  But hey, I can just check out my IG pics to jog my memory! 

Day 7 - Christmas party for my students!  I teach 4th grade students after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for remediation and after we did a short activity, I surprised them with a little celebration.  It's amazing how much these things mean to children.  They were very happy to get a special treat and to spend a little time relaxing instead of working an extra 90 minutes after school on academics! 

Day 6 -  Show one of the very few cartoons that I watch - Garfield's Christmas.  During the week before Christmas vacation, I hosted the K-2 students in my classroom and I read them many Christmas stories.  I could tell one group wasn't feeling the second story, so I popped in Garfield's Christmas and they loved it!  I remember watching it when I was their age!!! 

Day 5 - Celebrate the start of Christmas vacation by heading to happy hour as soon as our principal said we could leave the building!  What made it even more special was that there were about 14 teachers there!  It was wonderful, in fact, just as wonderful as the Woodchuck Cider Ale that I was drinking! Oh yes, and I got ID'd by the bartender.  Amazing.  I felt pretty good about that, considering that I'm going to be 30 in a few months! 

Day 4 - Christmas shopping!  Ugh, I so waited until the last minute, but I got everything I wanted for the people on my very short list, plus a few things for myself!  Hey, give me a credit card, Bath and Body Works Christmas scents, and a good sale, and I'm there!!!

Day 3 - Home Alone marathon!  Home Alone is by far one of my most favorite Christmas movies.  My husband and I pretty much know the movies by heart.  We watched both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 and it was so wonderful!  Only this time, we realized how violent it is and perhaps a lot of the tricks that Kevin plays would actually kill someone in real life - an iron falling on someone's head?  Bricks being thrown off the top of a building? A blow-torch to the head? But it's still a Christmas classic and I love it!!!

Day 2 - Christmas Mani!  I often do my own nails because I'm pretty good at it.  However, a fellow blogger posted her mani and she had the most perfect shade of red on her perfectly manicured fingers.  She said it was Big Apple Red and I had to have it!  Luckily my nail salon carries it in Shellac and so I had to do it!  I was on a wild goose chase on Christmas Eve morning to find a bottle of it in case I chip a nail.  Luckily, I found it! 

I love my Christmas nails!!! :)

Day 1 - Christmas Eve Mass - Growing up, I don't ever remember attending mass on Christmas morning.  My family and I always went to the afternoon Christmas Eve Mass and that's a tradition that my husband and I plan on continuing!  After Christmas Eve Mass this year, we went home, had dinner (my homemade chicken pot pie) and then we went to Christmas Lane in Dover!  It was amazing and it's something that we do every year!  

Well, I'm off to freshen myself up before I get ready to board the plane!  Hopefully we can get on board and make up some time in the air!  Catch you from cold and snowy Buffalo!

Simply Blessed,

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